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A suitcase full of cords

With each trip, I seem to be carrying more and more charger cords – to the point where I’m having trouble remembering which cord is for what. And I’ve just bunged them all into the front pocket of my suitcase – which has become Cord Central, a tangle of plastic-coated white and black cords. There’s a cord to charge  the ipod, the cell phone, the Kindle and now the Netbook (a particularly clunky one), plus a cord so we can use the ipod in our rental car.   Five in all – kinda crazy. I wondered if someone has come up with a new travel bag that has cord compartments? And sure enough, I found some with a few clicks on google. It’s called a Travel Cord Organizer and Charger and it has six pockets for charger cords and room for a power strip that you somehow use to fire up your gizmos.


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