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Travel by snow mobile

You never know where you’ll find a travel idea. Yesterday, I found one courtesy of the plumber who came over to fix our kitchen sink disposal. We got to talking – I can’t remember exactly how – about his recent snowmobiling vacation in northern Wisconsin. As a kid in suburban Detroit, I loved riding a friend’s snowmobile around a hilly golf course.  The plumber scoffed at this – he’s more hardcore than golf courses. He told me you can ride trails by snow mobile all the way across Iowa and into Wisconsin. And snowmobiles today are a far cry from the ones I used to ride – he mentioned heating units, special accommodations for radios, cellphones, other electronic gadgets.  He even mentioned helmets that have heating elements. (I don’t remember being offered a helmet,  let alone a helmet with heat.)

All this doesn’t mean I’m inspired to jump on a snow mobile and ride off into the snowy hinterland. (Especially when it’s currently 5 degrees outside.) But it made me long to take a short ride on a snow mobile, preferably on a golf course, and with a heated helmet on!


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