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Another blizzard: no traveling today

During the weeks since I started this travel blog, the weather has repeatedly made it almost impossible  – if not unpleasant – for me to travel beyond my own front door.  Ironic no?

Today – another blizzard – and I for yet another day, I haven’t gone past our stoop (from where I’ve urged our dog Ernie to hurry up and do her business so we can both go back inside.) School was again closed and the kids are home, again.   The snow is so high, I’ve lost count of the total inches, or more accurately, total feet. And tomorrow the high temp is supposed to be -3 and the low temp,  a shocking -18, with the temperatures even worse in northern Iowa.  It’s a good thing environmentalists have traded in the phrase “global warming” for “climate change.”

Takemewithyou, anywhere warm and less snowy.


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