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la Cocina, Old Town Artisans, Pima Canyon Trail – Tucson

img_0721img_0733Hiked on a perfect morning on Pima Canyon Trail yesterday (Oracle Rd. to Magee Rd east until the road ends), with my neighbor from Iowa who is on sabbatical in Tucson, then had a really nice lunch at La Cocina with Dad in the courtyard at Old Town Artsans downtown, near the art museum and EL Charro  (the famous Mexican restaurant serving carne secca). We had delicious small grilled artichokes at La Cocina and I bought a 1960s  (we think) suit (jacket and skirt) for $23 (yes $23) at a vintage clothing store on the courtyard. Also restocked my girl-gift supply with some Thai silver rings.

img_0728We also drove by a store called Bon and next door Five Pointe marketplace and cafe, which I need to check out next visit, and mid-century architecture near Broadway and Country Club/ Euclid. Next trip!img_0393


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Rillito Wash bike trail, Teresa’s Mosaic cafe – Tucson

img_0387For future reference (and to prevent a repeat of today’s long search), the stretch of the Rillito Wash bike trail in west Tucson that we rode started at the Ted  Walker park trailhead just south and a little west of the Ina exit of Interstate 10. Dad and I rode 9 miles (which is great considering that dad is rebounding after some major health issues) north from the small park on a trail that began somewhat unpromisingly, with quasi industrial scenery but quickly became more scenic, bordering a small creek lined with palo verde and other desert trees, with the mountains off on in the distance to the east and west. I was impressed by how well tended the trail was and the artwork adorning it including several mosaic panels.img_0718

Dad was a good sport to go with me for Mexican food, which he doesn’t like. We tried Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe in west Tucson off grant road west of I 10. It’s a peculiar looking place, a round greenish-blue building behind a McDonald’s that looks a bit like a spaceship or an import from the Jetsons. Inside the restaurant is more traditional festive Mexican with colorful paper banners, ceramics and paintings and a nice mountain view out the curved window. The food was pretty good although to be honest I think my carnitas are better. Their’s were big chunks with considerable fat (and not the promised crispiness). They were in light green sauce that was tasty. The homemade tortillas were as soft and fresh as advertised (we didn’t get to see them being made in the open oven area in the middle of the big curved dining room.) We were also impressed with the guacamole. The horchata (my new drink – a milky looking sweet rice and nutmeg drink) wasn’t as good as the one I had at the barrio cafe in Phoenix. (Nor was the pork, come to think of it.) but I would give this place another chance because it is colorful and has potential. Their huevos rancheros is supposed to be good.img_0716

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Catalina State Park, Tohono Chul, North Restaurant- Tucson

img_0707img_0381Always nice to have a hiking buddy and because my dad’s bum knee rules him out for this trip, I was especially pleased to hike with my neighbor Amahia from Des Moines who happens to be here on sabbatical. She hadn’t been to Catalina State Park about a mile from my dad’s house in Oro Valley so I showed her the Loop Trail, an easy and lovely scenic hike into the valley dotted with saguaros and bordered by high jagged mountains.

We had a really nice lunch outside in the garden at Tohono Chul, the lovely estate and desert garden nearby. For the first time ever, in my experience, we waltzed right in and were seated — perhaps a benefit of being here in January rather than our usual February or March. The weather was perfect, high 60s and low 70s, although quite cool at night.

Lunch yesterday with my old friend from London, Mary, who is a longtime U of Arizona professor, at a good Italian place called North in the ritzy Encantado shopping  center. Excellent grilled artichoke, bruschetta with asparagus, cheese and proscuitto and even better company!

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For future reference: direct flights from Des Moines to Phoenix (and Orlando)

This welcome information in a DSM Register story today (especially for those of us who fly annually to Arizona):

Frontier Airlines plans to launch a seasonal, nonstop flight between Des Moines and Phoenix, the company announced Tuesday.

The flight will operate Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays starting Dec. 6. Frontier did not say what time of year the flight will operate, but officials at the Des Moines International Airport said they expect Frontier to fly the route in the winter and early spring when there is strong demand from snowbirds and sun-seekers.

The new flight will be the third nonstop route between Des Moines and greater Phoenix. American Airlines flies to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport daily. Allegiant Air launched a twice-weekly flight to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport last year.

Frontier on Tuesday announced several new vacation-oriented flights between Midwestern cities and destinations in Arizona, Florida and Mexico. The airline said it was part of a strategy to shift more of its capacity to “cold to warm” routes.

The news comes on the heels of Frontier’s announcement last month that it will launch a nonstop flight between Des Moines and Orlando.

Frontier’s new flight will depart Phoenix at 3:50 p.m. and land in Des Moines at 7:53 p.m. It will leave Des Moines at 8:35 p.m and arrive in Phoenix at 10:56 p.m.

2007 Tucson Family Hike

2007 Tucson Family Hike

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RA sushi, Scordattos pizza, Zinnburger, bike trail – Tucson

imageNow in vegas, awaiting my connecting flight home after a short flight from Tucson marred only by a raucous crowd of fellow fliers who were in very high spirits and laughing and shouting so loudly that I finally remembered I had my iPod and could effectively block out the noise.

Yesterday in Tucson, dad and I ate poke Arizona style, which was listed at RA sushi, in a ritzy outdoor shopping mall, as a “sashimi bowl salad with poke sauce.”  iT was a delicious mix of raw tuna and salmon, cooked shrimp, greens, sliced avocado and a tangy soy sauce-based poke sauce. gOod strawberry lemonade too and it felt healthy enough to almost justify eating for dinner a “convertible” burger (served on half a bun, as if…) with carmelized onions at Zinnburger. a  few days earlier, we also had good pizza at skordatos in the shopping center at Campbell and river (I think) that is moving soon, nearby we are told.

Dad and I also took a really pleasant bike ride on a trail along the wash (the dirt gully in the desert that catches water during heavy rain) from near Frys in Oro Valley north and east (I think) to another outdoor shopping area across from Catalina State Park.

i feel really lucky to have had such great weather during what may be my last trip to Tucson for sometime (my father’s house is for sale) and lucky too to have been able to visit this refuge from Midwestern winters for some 20 years. Thanks mom and dad! Xox

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Catalina state Park- Vivace-wildflower-Magee trail- beyond bread- rosa’s: Tucson

LuLuWe got crazy lucky with the weather here. Rather than scorching hot temps, as expected, the highs were in the low 80’s, sunny with a breeze. pretty darn perfect. so we could easily do early morning hikes (our standard loop at Catalina and a trail Just off Magee.

We stayed in a condo we rented from VRBO/Homeaway about 7 minutes drive from my dad’s in Oro Valley, off La Canada, just north of Naranja. Good deal $135 per night for two bedroom two bath, plenty of room to spread out. Not my choice of decor (bachelor pad bad) but good bed, reasonably clean, good backyard with hot tub. My sister found an even nicer place for $100 a night near the el conquistador hotel.image
Also did some fine dining to mark my father’s 80th birthday– the reason my siblings and I came here – including Italian food at the new location of Vivace, up the road on Campbell from the previous location, with a stupendous view of the city from in high; excellent birthday brunch in Sunday at Wildflower. Today, we went to Beyond Bread after our hike and were grateful it was open (on Memorial Day). And excellent tuna melt. Tonight we went to Rosa’s Mexican restaurant on fort Lowell. The food wasn’t as good as we remembered but nice ambiance and good service. all good. Happy 80th to my dear dad!!! Xox


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Flying with the Dirtbags on a later than expected flight to LAX

We awoke this morning to an ominous crisp ping from Dirck’s cell phone. It was a text from Southwest. Our noon flight from Tucson to Los Angeles was already known to be an hour late. soon we learned it was two hours late. And soon after that we realized that we might end up spending this gorgeous Arizona day in the Tucson airport. So I called Southwest and the agent swiftly and cheerfully rebooked us free of charge on the 6: 20 pm flight, free of charge. I love this airline! Their flexibility and swift accommodation is much appreciated, especially compared to other more rigid airlines. and it makes me wonder why other airlines can’t do the same. surely it is to their benefit to get me out of their hair and to the place they promised me a flight to.
we ended up taking a cab to the airport which was comparable to the cost of Arizona shuttle, without the various shuttle stops and it picked me up at our door and the eagle eyed cabbie noticed, Thank god, as we were pulling out of my dad’s drive that something black was on the ground. Turned out to be my glasses. Gulp. The cab service:AAA airport taxi, or some such. we will use again, if need be!
as for the aforementioned dirtbags, this apparently is the name of the long beach state baseball team which is haring the rear of this plane with us.


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