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“iPad compatible” travel clothing – really?

Yes, it’s the SeV Revolution, the first “iPad compatible” jacket with 26 “streamlined pockets” so you can carry your iPad, your iPhone (or other cellphone), camera, keys, pen, water bottle, glasses, wallet, keys and change.  Seems a bit excessive with its “interior clear touch pockets” (all the better to see who’s calling and control your phone through clear fabric) and “patented personal area network” (i.e. hidden conduits that keep your headphone wires tangle-free), although I like the idea of the pocket that keeps your travel documents secure.

It’s all courtesy Scottevest/SeV travel clothing for $150 (with a discount on the company’s website). If that’s too pricey, how about the travel boxers with iPhone pocket – 3 for $15.


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cool gizzmos and gadgets for travel part 2

Here’s some more I read about in the NYT:

– ShaveMate razor $9.99 these razors include shaving cream in the handle so you don’t have to tote along travel-size shaving cream and take it out when you go through security.

-NYRIUS 11 – language translator, $39. This sounds really cool -a talking translator with 11 languages including the usual usefuls (spanish) as well as Mandarin, Russian, Dutch and Swedish.

– Contigo Travel mug 19.99  – or anyone like it that you can use to fill up on free coffee, filtered water or OJ offered at hotels, b&bs and youth hostels at breakfast time. These 16 ounce ones reduce the fear of spilling because they have a top that opens only when you push a button.

– Bheestie, $20 – if you’re vacationing near water or in a wet clime, this is a ag full of moisture-absorbing pellets that you can place your wet cellphone, ipod or  camera to dry off.

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Cool Gizmos and Gadgets for Travel

Last time I went to London, I  wanted to take home a bottle of Pimms but couldn’t carry it onto the plane – due to security restrictions on liquids – and was afraid to pack it in my luggage for fear I’d end up with Pimms-soaked everything. Enter the WineSkin – a bottle-shaped sleeve padded with bubble wrap (to prevent breakage) and sealed (to prevent spillage if breakage isn’t prevented), according to a recent NYT frugal traveler story. For more info see

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