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Dreaming of: Astoria

I’m starting to think we could easily spend a lot more than three days on the Oregon Coast when we’re there next month. A friend who grew up in Washington State and summered with her family in Oregon, says we must add the old coastal town of Astoria to our list of must-sees. It’s named after John Jacob Astor, I’m told, and from a recent Travel and Leisure story, I gather it’s the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies – it will be 200 years old next year – with lots of Victorian buildings and an old trolley along the riverfront.

My friend also mentioned a possible tour of a tuna cannery – not sure if  that’s still available. (Or if I really want to see how tuna – which I eat often, mercury be damned, is canned. Surely it can’t be as bad as watching sausage – or laws – be made.) I did just learn that my favorite tuna – Bumble Bee – was first produced in Astoria in 1875 but closed  its headquarters in 1981. Who knew?


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