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Where to stay in the Badlands – Cedar Pass Lodge.

Badlands View 5, SD: ThinkStock
Over the years, people have asked where we stayed during a long ago trip to the Badlands of South Dakota – so I’m posting it here for future reference (and so I don’t have to keep searching for it elsewhere.)
It’s the  Cedar Pass Lodge and it looks like it’s been spruced up since we visited some 8 years ago. I remember individual cabins, that is was  very affordable and a great location, right IN the Badlands so you’d get up in the morning, go out the cabin door and there they were!  I also remember dining was an issue – and we ate at a little cafe right outside the park gates. I think it was the A&M Cafe (in Interior, S.D.) but not sure it’s around anymore. I did find a woodenknife cafe but that appears to have closed too. I recall the Lodge’s cafe didn’t have a good rep but maybe that’s improved too.
I also remember great free guided tours of the Badlands, by day and night (focused on night animals, which I recall was sort of scary sitting in the actual Badlands hearing about all the beasts lurking near by…we did spot a rattlesnake, fortunately during the day.) It rattled! And we were rattled.

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Midwestern hotels to check out

Also from a recent issue of Midwest Living:

– Chicago – Elysian, Ritz-Carlton, Hotel Palomar (rat pack-esque doormen!)

– Columbus, Indiana, Inn at Irwin Gardens

– Novi, MI, Baronette Renaissance

– Shell Knob, Missouri, (wherever that is), Stonewater Cove

– Dubuque, Hotel Julien

– Kohler, Wisc., The American Club

– Custer, S.D., Custer State Park Reunion Cabin

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Wieners and steak in South Dakota

Friends who recently visited the Sioux Falls, S.D. area for a cross-country meet (run Conor run!) report eating at two good places there:
In Sioux Falls, they visited Senor Wiener (, a local hot dog joint (in a strip mall. One of the “highlights” is the merchandise, including T-shirts with the kind of suggestive slogans that teenage males would love (“Grab life by the wiener.”). The web site, with “Senor Wiener” digitally inserted into various historic scenes, a la Forrest Gump, is fun. The hot dogs aren’t bad, either.

In Tea, S.D. (Tea, S.D.?) they  went to the Tea Steakhouse (,  touted by the “Road Food” couple Jane and Michael Stern. It also gets raves as “best steakhouse” from various websites and ratings folks. Conor’s review: “Cheap, tasty and you got your food right away.” I couldn’t find an address on their website but I did confirm that Tea, S.D. exists – it’s southwest of Sioux Falls – and my guess is its small enough you can’t miss the steakhouse!

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