Exploring Coconut Grove -the Barnacle//Deerfield beach, lester’s diner in Fort lauderdale

Malaga airbnb

Francine and Russ left early for the airport and Barbados so Dirck and I hung out on our own, having excellent French pastries (buena Vista cafe!) and grapefruit by our pool on the nicest day of weather so far, the wind and clouds from days past gone. We walked, sometimes with a gaggle of peacocks, around the shady tropical back roads of Coconut Grove, enjoying the sun and greenery and blue skies and lush exotic trees and multi colored bourganvillia. WE ended up skiritng the Bahamian neighborhood and in the small coconut grove downtown. NOt much there but we stopped at an old historic house That is now a state park (Barnicle House). It was lovely to walk past the stone fence into the woods toward the water and actually end up at a strange old dark stucco house with a wide lawn sweeping out to a little dock by the ocean (we actually haven’t seen much of the ocean). then we walked past all kinds of bid hidden estates along the main highway and then back into the lush dense tropical thicket of,our neighborhood, swam on perfect midday and had quick lunch poolside. DIrck has left, sadly and I am now awaiting Noah’s arrival.

Buena vista  deli

While waiting for Noah I drove right into the spring break scene I successfully avoided in college and was even more intent on avoiding decades later. Mob scene with packed Beach of girls is skimpy bikinis and scruffy guys. I kept driving until I finally found Deerfield Beach which was refreshingly Not lined by concrete high rises and I actually found a parking spot so istopped for an hour, walked to the end of the pier near sunset, watched the fisherman and surfers, out my feet in the ocean which was surprising lay warm. I stopped st lesters diner near the fort Lauderdale airport for a good gtpreek omelette and gyro to go for Noah who arrived on schedule (thx jet blue.) we are in a somewhat grubby bay mount motel in Florida city …on to the keys tomorrow!


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