Le Jardin in Des Moines’ Beaverdale neighborhood continues to blossom (gettit?)

I think I understand why my two friends and I were the only Saturday brunch customers at Le Jardin, the French-inspired restaurant in Des Moines’ Beaverdale neighborhood, yesterday. It was a spectacularly gorgeous day – sadly rare this spring – and I’m guessing many people wanted to be outside as much as possible. Although Le Jardin has huge plate-glass windows, it doesn’t have an outdoor patio – a potential problem when the weather is great. It does have fantastic food, as it proved yet again yesterday. We had perfect omelettes, fluffy on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, oozing with cheese and bacon (my Lorraine) or asparagus/mushrooms (my friends’ choice), and a well-curated selection of sides, that stress fresh, quality ingredients. It’s also reasonably priced and there’s good service. What more could you ask for? An outdoor patio, I’m guessing.


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