On flying Air Canada and international/to Portugal via Toronto

Dirck in Algarve village

Dirck in Algarve village

We never really got clear information information from United about what was involved in flying their airline for two of our three flights to get to Lisbon from Des Moines and flying air canada the last leg, between Toronto and Lisbon.

They were fine with selling us the pricey plane tickets that included the air canada flight but seemed to know little about the particulars. (We even had to call air canada to book seats for the Toronto-Lisbon-Toronto flights.) United wouldn’t do it.)So when we couldn’t get a clear answer about whether our bags could be checked straight through to Lisbon (or if we would have to pick them up in Toronto and transfer them to air canada,) we opted to carry on our luggage. (And had to surrender our Swiss Army knife in the process.)

At Coimbra restaurant (where guests tape notes of appreciation on the walls)

At Coimbra restaurant (where guests tape notes of appreciation on the walls)

we were glad to have our bags when our planned two hour layover in Toronto outbound evaporated as we were sat on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare. At one point it looked like we would have to wait two hours to fly to Toronto (we didn’t find out until later that a storm had shut down the airport) but fortunately our delay ended up being one hour. We ran thru the airport, went thru some sort of expedited Canadian customs and easily made our 10 pm connecting flight. (Phew! If we had missed that flight we would have had to stay overnight in Toronto and wait til 4:30 pm for a flight to Newark and then get an 8pm flight to Lisbon.)

Porto church

Porto church

it was Canadian travelers we met in Toronto outbound who told us that on our return trip, we would be able to go through U.S. Customs in Toronto, before catching out next flight to Houston, which was a relief since we had a two hour layover in Toronto but only an hour layover in Houston (which means we would probably miss our flight to Des Moines if we had to go through customs there). I couldn’t get anyone to confirm this from the airlines but it is in fact what happened. Phew!

meanwhile the air canada planes there and back were old and cramped with NO movie screens. The only option was to use our laptops (or rent one) and get movies via an airline app. Huh?


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