A site to see in Des Moines – the Salisbury House, now with new leaders.

I’m having a small (blogosphere) world moment. Reading about the new leaders of  Des Moines’ Salisbury House in in the Register this morn,  I thought one of them looked familiar. Turns out he’s someone I’ve met through blogging –  we’ve exchanged a comment or two. He’s J. Eric Smith,  formerly of Albany, N.Y. (not far from my favorite upstate NY town, Ithaca) and now Salisbury House’s new executive director. Good luck to him. The Salisbury House is an unexpected treasure tucked in the woods south of Grand  –  a museum full of old stuff in what was built in the 1920s as a stone-and-brick mansion modeled after a 13th century manse (in, you guessed it,  Salisbury, England).  My kids used to get a kick out of the suits of armor on display. More recently, my husband and I have tried not to miss the annual “Shakespeare on the Lawn” performances on the gorgeous grounds of  Salisbury House (perfect backdrop for Shakespeare) by the Repertory Theater of Iowa.


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