Long-term parking in Des Moines so you can get to the Megabus stop

A reader who presumably lives outside the Des Moines area asked if there is somewhere to park for a few days downtown if she takes the Megabus from Des Moines. Good question and of importance to people in smaller towns not too far from Des Moines who want to use the Megabus.

The best I could find was longterm parking at or near the Des Moines airport which, alas, is not downtown. But it’s not far from downtown so you could take a cab or maybe even a bus (or hotel shuttle?) downtown.

For more info on parking rates see: http://dsm.bestparking.com/index.php

for more info on cabs and buses from the DM airport see: http://www.dsmairport.com/Travel_Info/Ground_Transportation.htm



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2 responses to “Long-term parking in Des Moines so you can get to the Megabus stop

  1. Isn’t there a low-cost daily rate by the Farmers Market, spaghetti Works area . . . we will need 3 days parking – can you give me their rates – or a better solution? /We live in Des Moines but are coming back late Saturday night and the cab service isn’t the best at that hour? Please reply by Monday . . . thanks pat

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