Transporation between Chicago and Traverse City, Mi.

I’m trying to find an economical (as always) way to get my son from Traverse City, Mi. to chicago (and ultimately Des Moines) in mid-August. He can take the megabus from Chicago to Des Moines for $10 (I LOVE that bus!) but the first leg of his trip is problematic. No bus service of any kind, as far as I can tell. A one way plane tix is over $600. Another option is for him and his older sister (who is 25 so she can rent a car) to rent a car at the traverse city airport for $115 and drive back to Chicago. Then he’ll catch the bus from there. Wish there was a megabus between Traverse City and Chicago!



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3 responses to “Transporation between Chicago and Traverse City, Mi.

  1. I don’t know if you’re still looking for transit options for your son between Traverse and Chicago, but if you are, he can take an Indian Trails bus ( It is a fairly long trip compared to driving a car (roughly 9 hours), but the advance purchase cost is only $50. Alternately, your daughter could drive him down to Grand Rapids and he could take Amtrak into Chicago. The Amtrak train from Grand Rapids to Chicago takes roughly 4-4 1/2 hours. (Amtrak will also show you a bus connection to Traverse City, but it unfortunately results in a 12 hour trip…) I only wish there were a train from Traverse City to Chicago! We can only hope for the future! Good luck.

  2. I’m planning a trip for visitors from Australia .They would like to use bus, trains to get around from Chicago to Traverse city making their way up to Mackinac city to upper Peninsula, Michigan. Any ideas would be helpful!

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