Spring break canceled?

My fear of anything nonrefundable  caught up with me this morning as word arrived that there is a possibility (slight I think but still a possibility) that our public school system’s spring break may be canceled or shortened so kids can make up some of the record six school days canceled due to bad weather so far (blizzard, snow storm, ice storm, blizzard…). We, like many families, have plane tickets to fly out of this snowy, icy, bitter cold place during spring break – nonrefundable, of course.  One ticket is to Spain – where my daughter is heading on a school-sponsored trip.

So here’s hoping the school district finds another way out of  this bind. (I’m rooting for holding school on several Saturdays and maybe tack on a few extra school days at the end of the school year, as is tradition with weather-related days off.) But until this is resolved, I’m thinking I shouldn’t reserve hotel rooms in Portland that are discounted but nonrefundable.

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